Буст контроллер aem инструкция

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Stepper motors allow fine control of airflow based on position and speed of the motor, but may have low total airflow capability. Only thing more i would of liked is if it came with a electric boost sensor like AEM’s boost gauge. So you do not have to run a boost hose in the cabin. This same digital output can be used to record air/fuel ratio, solenoid duty cycle, engine speed and manifold pressure with our free LogWorks PC software to help you dial in a perfect boost curve. Like a yuppie fiending for his daily triple-shot mocha espresso, you too, yearn for the pressurized air spooling from your turbo-so in comes the boost controller. This template set must be printed without any rescaling, check your print driver and Acrobat for any rescaling options and turn them off.

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