Инструкция к crystal collagen gold

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Results: Chromatin is stained bluish green, while nucleoli are red; mucin is stained green; erythrocytes, orange. Mutagenesis experiments showed that fibritins missing the foldon domain did not fold correctly [25].To address the question of the molecular mechanism by which the foldon stabilizes triple helix formation, we solved the crystal structure of (GlyProPro)10foldon. Recommended for : All purposes for which neutral formalin is employed where a neutral fixative is required. Note: Carbol thionin (NicoUe) deteriorates after a few weeks and this stain is therefore best when freshly prepared. CARMINE — METHYLENE BLUE (Schultz-Schmitz Stain) For demonstrating sodium urate in animal tissue Solutions required: A. Distilled water . . . . . . 64 ml.

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