Revox s22 инструкция

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Количество загрузок: 1969
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Зеркало: Slimline_Remote_2_Extended_Code_List.pdf

Separate control and IF circuitry, with dual-level FM muting (‘normal’ and ‘deep’). Switchable auto or manual MPX hi-blend circuit reduces noise on weak stereo broadcasts. 5-gang FM variable tuning capacitor. 4-pole MOS FET front end. You can control up to eight Revox Joy Audio Network Receivers with one remote. As an option, it is also available with a pre-programmed package of commands, macros, that link several functions with one another. Unfortunately the ST-9038 seems very rare, probably due to its 1979 $600 list price.» Ray supplemented his report with a few bits of technical data: «(1) Audio output level is controlled via a rear-panel pot. Recently the ST-S505 has been going for less than $50 on eBay — a bargain for an overachieving tuner.» Ray adds two caveats: First, «My review [above] enticed another of our FMtuners group members to buy an ST-S505, and thus began a long arduous project to make it right.

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